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February 6, 2019     The Aberdeen Times
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February 6, 2019

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The Aberdeen Times Page 4 February 6, 2019 A few days ago I was amazed to re- ceive an email that is transcribed below: "Hello, my name is Leonor. Three days ago a young man of 39 years old sent me a friend request. My husband is terminally ill of cancer. I told this young man that I was a widow, because I "almost" am. I am in a wheelchair, but my lover does not know. It has been a month since my husband has gotten out of bed. He does not know anything about him; my husband also wears a diaper. I have two little daughters, but they are not with me; the government took them away because I asked for help to maintain them. To distract my- self a bit, because the pain is so "big" I got on the internet. And that is how I met this young man. He tells me so many beautiful phrases It's not unseemly. And the friendship in those three days is reaching beyond. He wants to marry me. God willing, I don't know what to do, because he thinks my husband does not exist anymore. What should I do? I'm very confused, and I don'tknow what to do. I didn't want him to notice me. My intention was only to distract myself. Signed, Leonor" Maybe it will make you laugh in truth it left me embarrassed! I realize that this is the sad reality of our world. Where have we put our values? Where have we set our priorities? This letter shows 70% an excessive enthusiasm for a new rela- tionship. No offense to anyone, I think we should examine our priorities, the most beautiful thing that a person can have are their children. If you have a conflict in your marriage, the solution is not to look for someone else. Don't be a prisoner of cybernetic illusions, Leonor was deluded without knowing the man with whom she was communicating with giving rise to the game of infidelity, of lying and the disorder of priorities. She was not a widow, she had two daughters who needed her, and she had a problem walking. by Adrian & Ana Ruiz Pastors of Templo Emanuel She wanted to start a new relationship based on a lie! In reality the human heart is deceitful! When we come to the light of Christ, He can see our deceptive plans, our lowest passions and our "justified" attitudes are exposed. It's true that sometimes the problems within our home are many. But that does not justify us to sin at our whim. God calls you to do the right thing above any circumstance. Proverbs 14:1 (NKJV)"The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands." Your Pastors Adrian and Ana Ruiz await you at Templo Emanuel, 280 Polk St American Falls. ID. Translated by Ruth Ramirez con Leonor Hace dias me quede asombrada al por que pido ayuda para mantenerlas. recibir esta carta virtual que transcribo a Y para distraerme un poco, pues el continuaci6n: dolor es muy "grande" me meti a Inter- "Hola mi nombre es Leonor: net. Y asi conoci a este joven. El me dice Hace tres dias me mando solicitud detantas frases bonitas No es nada indeco- amistad un joven de 39 afios. Mi esposo - roso Y la amistad en estos tres dias esti actualmente esta enfermo de cfincer termi- llegando mils allfi. E1 quiere casarse con- nal. migo. Si Dios lo permite, no se que hacer, A este joven le dije que era viuda, pues el piensa que mi esposo ya'no existe. pues "casi" lo soy. /,Qu6 hago? Estoy muy confundida, y no Yo estoy en silla de ruedas, Pero eso se que hacer. Yo no queria que el se fijara mi enamorado no lo sabe. en mi. Mi intenci6n solo era distraerme. Mi esposo hace un mes no se levanta Firma: Leonor." de la cama, no sabe nada de 61 y usa Quizfi te cause risa La verdad a mi pafial. Tengo dos pequefias hijas, pero no See Pastors page5 estin conmigo; me las quito el gobierno The dreaded day's approaching. I ain't bum. Seems every year's a holdup return. My program always tells me, "Get way!" Goess it's got a dang. poor memory. Every year I've had to pay. I sat there four long hours con- centrating on the screen. I punched in all the numbers. This year was the worst I've seen. I swear I get so danged annoyed when only halfway through. The software says, "A refund will be coming back to you." But when I press the final key, the dollars show in red! It says I owe a bundle. Will I ever get ahead? got the cash to when I file my your refund on the Our taxes are collected by the monstrous IRS. Is there a correlation to the letters ASS? I'm just a country boy who doesn't understand the law. But, paying too much income tax just sticks right in my craw! I've witnessed tax evaders who decided not to pay. I wonder how they felt as they were cuffed and led away. Conformity is easier when try- ing tO get along. The over-pow- ered IRS says, "We are never wrongl" by So, I'll pay the shakedown Bryce money, rather trade for forty Angell whacks. But each year I'll do some griping when I pay my income tax. The outdoors has always been a lorge part of the life of Bryce Angell. His tax Now, I absolutely know that we should pay our share of tax. BUt, do the tax collectors think we all drive Cadillacs? 'Cuz the taxes from my last paycheck made more than just a dent. They taxed my overtime at dang near fifty three percent. So, where is the incentive to put in some extra time? When the tax man has his hand out, dang sure ought to be a crime. father was an outfitter and guide for 35 years and Bryce was there to shoe and care for the horses and help him do the cooking. They took many great trips in to the Yellowstone area. Even now that he's older, he and his father still ride into the Tetons. Yellowstone, and sur- rounding areas. His poems are mostly of personal expe- rience. He's now an RN at a local hospital and is looking forward, soon, to retirement when he can do more riding and writing. | O0 hi rnln "Well," said Steve, polishing offthesioned I'd devote my helpin' day to the last of his coffee, "what should we dis- good o1' Mule Barn." cuss this fine morning?" We all knew Windy dedicated one "I'm awful glad you asked, o1' pard," day each week to helping others. This came the cheerful voice of Windy Wilson, sometimes meant helping them when they emerging through the swinging doors that really didn't need it, but hey, the older came from the kitchen of the Mule Barn folks in our town get some trash picked truck stop. "Yessir. Awful glad." up in the yard and some kindling split. Steve and the other members of the You know. world dilemma "So fer a con- think tank looked in servational subject amazement as this this sparklin' a.m " old camp cook and Windy said, "I be- cowboy came over lieve I'd meanderate with the coffee pot through the mysteri- and topped offtheir cals of ancient his- coffee mugs. Windy tory, beginnin' with had found a dish them Egypt guys. towel and wrapped Whadda ya think?" it around his waist, "Might just do too. by Slim Randles that, Windy," said "Windy?" said Steve. "But if you Doc. "Mighty fine- don't mind me ask- looking dish towel you're wearing." ing, why are you helping out with the "Thanks, Doc. I cornsider it the aplex coffee in here rather than cleaning up of dining room fashion for a volunteer somebody's yard." coffee guy. Took me a while to talk Windy looked aroUnd to see if the Loretta into lettin' me wear it, howsom- other 43 people in the caf6 could hear, ever. I guess she ain't up on dining room then leaned down toward Steve. "Lot fashions." warmer in here than it is in somebody's "Let me guess," said Doc. "This must yard, and thassa fact." be your helping day, right?" Brought to you by Ol' Max Evans, the "Right as grain, Doc," Windy said,First Thousand Years, available at www. cheerfully. "I thought about it and deci- unmpress, com. Each of the great politicians and legislators I've known over the course of my career in Congress was very different. They were masters of the rules, or unassailably knowledgeable about a given issue, or supremely watchable orators, or consummate students of people. But they also shared key traits that I wish more elected officials possessed. For starters, the great politicians I've met enjoyed the game, and they worked on the skills needed to play it well. They were adept both as politicians and as legisla- tors which is not as common as you might imagine. They were good speakers and adroit persuaders, whether on the floor of the Congress, addressing a convention of thou- sands, or sitting in a supporter's, living room with a dozen strang- ers. The men and women I most admired embraced a life in poli- tics because they believed they could make a difference. They had confidence in themselves, their ideas, and their ability to find their way out of tough spots: They were not dismayed by the give and take of politics if anything, they relished it. They might have faced heavy criticism for a political stance or legislative maneuver, but they were never defeated by that. And they could master legislative detail. This may be hard to see from afar, but serious legislating requires mind-numbing work sitting alertly through hours of expert testimony; digesting the reports of committees and subcommittees; thinking through how even small word changes can affect the course of legislation or the impact of a taw; going through the intense editing pro- cess known as legislative "markup." Effective legislators not only don't mind this, they see it as an opportunity to put their imprint on the law. As I think back on men like Tip O'Neill or John Anderson or Mike Mansfield, and on women like Edith Green and Lindy Boggs, I'm struck by their sense of obligation to the country and their palpable commitment to doing the right thing. They worked long, almost inhuman hours, and some- times they made mistakes, but they were never bowled over by them they believed they were helping to push the country forward, and that was a powerful motivator to stay in the fight. Many of the strongest politi- cal leaders I met over the years had a passion for leadership. This may seem obvious, but think about it: there are 435 members of the House and 100 senators, and simply by virtue of being there they've exer- cised leadership in one form or another. So the people who in turn rose to the top of those ranks had something extra: they wanted to be leaders of the lead- ers. And not just in Congress. by Lee Hamilton Their attitude toward the presidents they served with was interesting: They obviously had areas of agreement and disagreement on policy, but underlying those were two key themes: they had a deep espect for the office of the presidency, and they insisted that the president display equal respect for the Congress. If a president in some way showed disregard or disdain for Congress as an institution, that was a serious See Hamilton page 5