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February 6, 2019     The Aberdeen Times
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February 6, 2019

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February 6, 2019 Times Out to Pastor Th by Dr. James L. Snyder When it comes to prac- tical jokes, Yours Truly is always on the ready. Throughout my earthly passage, I have perpetu- ated my share of practical jokes. I will not enumer- ate them here, the simple reason being, I might want to bring one out of retire- ment. I must say that most practical jokes are nei- ther practical nor funny. However, I operate on the biblical premise, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones" (Proverbs 17:22). With the high cost of medicine these days, I will take a merry heart every time. Just call me Dr. Merry Heart, and I will dispense some good medicine to everybody who needs it. Now, the practical joke I am thinking of has to do with New Year's Resolutions. I always look forward to the last week in January for this very reason. For the first several weeks of January, I am nervous and sweating over those lousy New Year's Resolutions I am forced to make. Pardon my French. Somewhere there is someone laughing at all of those stupid enough to make New Year's Resolu- tions. It is probably the quintessential practical joke played on all human- ity. Is there a culture any- where in our world today that does not fall for this practical joke? If there is, I want to move there. The first week in Janu- ary is probably the worst week when it comes to these New Year's Resolu- tions. They are fresh in our mind not to mention fresh on our lips. A New Year's Resolution would not be so bad if nobody knew that we made one. The problem comes when somebody Cont!d from page 4 : mistake, because people like O'Neill and Mansfield took the idea of a co-equal branch of government seriously. They applied the same sensibility to their colleagues. They were serious about strengthening the institution from the inside. They recognized that their work. could only be completed if the institution was shored up and reformed in a way that gave it the strength to push its goals forward: They sought to build its capabilities -- for research and analysis, for over- sight, and for all the capabilities a branch of government charged with making policy might need. When he first arrived in what he called the "President's house" -- the first presi- dent to do so -- John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail to let her know he had ar- rived and that "The Building is in a State to be habitable." And then he appended this: "May none but honest and wise Men ever rule under this roof." Forgiving him his assumption about a president's gender, isn't that the hope we ' all have to possess as citizens? That our political leaders are ever honest and wise? I certainly do. Lee Hamilton is a Senior Advisor for the lndiana University Center on Repre- sentative Government, a Distinguished Scholar of the 1U Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies; and a Professor of Practice, 1U School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He was a member of the US. House of Represen- tatives for 34 years. Cont'd from page 4 me dej6 azorado! Me doy cuenta que esta es la triste realidad de nuestro mundo. / Drnde hemos puesto nuestros valores? LD6nde hemos puesto nuestras priori- dades? Esta carta muestra en un 70% un entusiasmo desmedido por una nueva e incipiente relacirn. Sin ilnimo de ofender a nadie creo que debemos examinar nuestras priori- dades, lo mils hermoso que puede tenor una persona son sus hijos. Si tienes un matrimonio en conflicto la solucirn no es buscar en alguien mils. No seas preso de una ilusi6n cibernrtica, Leonor se ilusion6 sin conocer al hombre con el cual se estaba comunicando dando lugar al juego de la infidelidad la mentira y desor- den de prioridades. Ella no era viuda, tenia dos hijas que la necesitaban, y tenia un problema para caminar. Y queria comenzar una nueva relaci6n basada en la mentira! iRealmente el coraz6n humano es engafioso! Cuando venimos a la luz de Cristo, puede ver nuestros engafiosos planes, quedan al descubierto nuestras mils bajas pasiones y nuestras "justificadas" acti- tudes. Es cierto que a veces los problemas dentro del hogar son muchos. Pero eso no nos justifica para pecar a nuestro antojo. Dios te llama a hacer lo correcto por en- cima de cualquier circunstancia. Proverbios 14:1 La mujer sabia edi- fica su casa; Mils la necia con sus manos la derriba. Tus Pastores Adridn y Ana Ruiz te esperan en Templo Emanuel, 280 Polk St American Falls, 1D. Raducida por Ruth Ramirez. knows what our resolutionmyself with for the coming Year's Resolutions. is and constantly reminds year. Then, just when my It is the fourth week of us, "How's your New confidence is beginning January I am most inter- Year's Resolutions coming to shake, a friend of mine ested in. To go through the along?" will ask, "How's your New first three weeks of Janu- For most of us, it is Year's Resolutions coming ary is rather painful but a formula for lying. Of along?" by the time the last week course, I blame my friends On Facebook, they havecomes around everything who are tempting me into a process called "defriend- is forgotten. this pattern of lying. If ing." I must find out how Not only have I forgot- they would forget my reso- that works. I have a list of ten my resolutions, but lutions as easily as I do, friends I would like to "de- everybody around me has there would be peace on friend," at least until my forgotten them as well. earth good will to men. New Year's ResolutionsAt least they have given Nevertheless, during have faded into the dis- up asking me about those the first week, I entertain rant past of forgetfulness, resolutions. I take what I high intentions about my The next person that asks get and am thankful. Some resolutions. And like the me about my New Year'smay have heard about my thought-challenged beg- Resolutions will be added defriending policy. gar that I am, I boast to. to that infamous list.The thing most trou- everybody about the high Then the third week ofbling is, I never learn my quality resolutions I have January comes around. It lesson. Next year it will be put in force for the coming is at this time I begin to the very same thing, and year. All this in an effort see that my New Year'sconsequently, the same to improve my standing Resolutions were made outcome. among my peers. Most of by a fool. There is no fool There is something to my peers are standing in quite like the one in your forgetting the past. I find it high water themselves. My bathroom mirror. By now, interesting that the things objective is to make them I find there is absolutely we need to forget are the think that I am a progres- no way those resolutions very things we remember, sive, forward thinking, will be kept by me, If only and the things we should highbrow person of the fu- I could sell my resolutions remember are the ones we ture. I cannot control what on eBay, I might make out usually forget. they think, but I can help pretty good, because on The apostle Paul un- them along the thinking paper they look terrific, derstood this very thing. process concerning myself. At this stage of the "Brethren, I count not The second week of month, the Gracious Mis- myself to have apprehend- January is a high water tress of the Parsonage says ed: but this one thing I mark for these New Year's to me, "How's your Newdo, forgetting those things Resolutions. It is during Year's Resolutions coming which are behind, and this week that I begin to along?" She always says it reaching forth unto those have suspicions about the with a silly little smirk on things which are before," legitimacy of my resolu- her face. She knows that (Philippians 3:13). tions. The first week they the boast of January 1 los- The best resolution has look wonderful, but the es its luster by January 21. to do with my relationship second week the rose After all, she has 46 years, with God. And that is no begins fading and I begin this coming summer, ofpractical joke. to see what I have strapped experience with my NewDr James L. Snyder Legislative Outlook by Sen. Steve Bair cantly simplified. Action encouraged to critique and Gov. Brad Little must be taken on two old give advice on the lan- signed two executive rules before the new one guage of the draft. Since orders this week that will can be approved, it is still a draft, changes streamline and reduce oc- Of note, there are based on good ideas sub- cupational rules and regu- literally thousands of rules, mitted by the public can lations. In 2017 the gover- which have the effect of be made. After the hear- nor signed the "Licensing law. There are 736 chap- ings and good advice is Freedom Act" executive ters in Idaho Administra- incorporated, a bill will be order, which provided that tive code (rules) book. The &ailed and the bill will go all occupational licensing governor stated no rules through the normal hearing be reviewed, would be removed that and voting process in the The first executive or- dealt with public safety, legislature. The draft is the der extends the 2017 order, Those would remain in result of over two years of also creating a "sunset" place, work by a committee made process for future occupa- School Funding. Formula up of stakeholders and is tional licensing laws. The A draft (not a formal a great starting point for sunset clause means that bill) of the new School discussions. rule will be removed au- Funding Formula has been Two bills were in- tomatically after a specific released for school admin- troduced concerning time, unless the agency istrators and the public to cell phones. One would and the legislature reviews review. This release was disallow cities from ban- and chooses to keep the made to invite and encour- ning cell phone use while new licensing rule. Oft- age discussion about the driving in city limits. The times rules don't work as pro'posed funding formula, other would attempt to rein well as the agency hopes. In summary, the formula in unsolicited advertis- A review of the rule after a will change school funding ing calls to cell phones. year or two is good policy from an attendance-based The first will draw much to get rid of rules that method of funding, to an debate, and one Can- don't function properly, enrolled student method not predict passage. The The second order, of funding. The funding second bill would provide named the "Red Tape would follow the student, much needed relief from Reduction Act", requires In an unusual move,unwanted telemarketers state agencies who wish to a hearing on the draft bill and robocalls. This bill bring a new rule identify will be held by a joint sen- may pass, provided it is at least two rules on the ate and house education, drafted correctly. I can be books that can either be committee. Folks from reached at: sbair@senate. removed or can be signifi- around the state will be idaho.gov. is pastor of the Fam- ily of God Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 34472. He lives with his wife in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 352-687-4240 or e-mail jamessnyder2@att, net. THIS WEEK'S WEATHER FROM THE PAST Records, averages and high precipitation for each day of the week Wednesday, Feb. 6 Normal Temperatures High -- 36 Low -- 18 Record Temperatures 1963 High -- 57 1899 Low -- -21 Record Precipitation 1925 1.00 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:40 a.m. 5:51 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7 Normal Temperatures High -- 37 Low -- 19 Record Temperatures 1963 High -- 54 1893 Low -- -17 Record Precipitation 2004 .51 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:39 a.m. 5:53 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8 Normal Temperatures High -- 36 Low -- 18 Record Temperatures 1996 High-- 54 1936 Low -- -9 Record Precipitation 1902 .75 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:38 a.m. 5:54 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 9 Normal Temperatures High -- 37 Low -- 18 Record Temperatures 1996 High-- 56 2001 Low :- -9 Record Precipitation 1975 .18 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:36 a.m. 5:55 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 10 Normal Temperatures High -- 37 Low -- 17 Record Temperatures 1951 High -- 57 1982 Low -- -11 Record Precipitation 1999 .51 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:35 a.m. 5:57 p.m. Monday, Feb. 11 Normal Temperatures High-- 38 Low -- 19 Record Temperatures 1961 High -- 57 1982 Low -- -15 Record Precipitation 1919 .41 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:34 a.m. 5:58 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12 Normal Temperatures High -- 38 Low -- 20 Record Temperatures 1907 High -- 57 1905 Low -- -28 Record Precipitation 1961 .57 inches Sunrise Sunset 7:33 a.m. 5:59 p.m. Children Come With an Instruction Manual Parents as Teachers is a FREE individualized parenting programthat offers one-on-one support, resources & guidance for families. 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