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August 21, 2019     The Aberdeen Times
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August 21, 2019

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II II II Iljl II II I August 21, 2019 AbIerdeen Times In a place near the desert lived a young pas- tor named Fadel. He was a hardworking and kind young man. In the village where he lived, it hardly rained; the water was very much appreciated, since it was scarce. So Fedel took advantage of the rainwater and even if it was little, he filtered and stored it. The taste of the fresh rainwater was so delicious. How delicious is this water! It was so good that the Caliph should try it, he thought. So Fedal was deter- mined to bring a jug of water to the Caliph so he could taste it. To do this he had to go through the THIS WEEK'S WEATHER FROM THE PAST Records, averages and high precipitation for each day of the week Wednesday, Aug. 21 Normal Temperatures High -- 85 Low -- 50 Record .Temperatures 1915 High -- 98 1904 Low -- 30 Record Precipitation 1983 .47 inches Sunrise Sunset 6:44 a.m. 8:24 p.m. I | Thursday, Aug. 22 Normal Temperatures High -- 86 Low -- 50 Record Temperatures t919 High -- 96 1899 Low -- 33 Record Precipitation 1960 .52 inches Sunrise Sunset 6:45 a.m. 8:22 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23 Normal Temperatures High -- 85 Low -- 49 Record Temperatures 1991 High -- 96 1911 Low -- 26 Record Precipitation 1976 .58 inches Sunrise Sunset 6:47 a.m. 8:21 p m. Saturday, Aug. 24 Normal Temperatures High-- 85,Low--50 Record Temperatures 1919 High-- 100 1911 Low -- 31 Record Precipitation 1990 .11 inches Sunrise Sunset 6:48 a.m. 8:19 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 25 Normal Temperatures High -- 85 Low -- 50 Record Temperatures 1981 High-- 100 "1911 Low -- 31 Record Precipitation 1939 .74 inches Sunrise Sunset 6:49 a.rn. 8:17 p.m. Monday, Aug. 26 Normal Temperatures " High-- 85 Low - 50 Record Temperatures 1981 High-- 100 1911 Low. 33 Record Precipitation 1920 1.01 inches Sunrise Sunset 6:50 a.m. 8:16 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27 Normal Temperatures High -- 85 Low-- 50 Record Temperatures 1915 High -- 98 1911 Low -- 26 . Record Precipitation 1925 .35 inches Sunrise 6:51 a.m. Sunset 8:14p.m. entire desert, here in Baghdad we have So one day he decided plenty of water, but not in to do it. He took a large our distant villages. So for pitcher and headed to me it is a great honor that Baghdad. In order to get there he had to walk hundreds of kilometers through the desert. He endured very high tempera- tures during the day and freez- ing tem- peratures at night. When traveling the road between the huge dunes, he had to sneak around from the wolves and hyenas that stalked him every moment. After several days of effort, he managed to reach the great city were the Caliph lived. How beautiful it is! It was worth the effort! He reached the majestic palace of carved doors with precious bright stones, and the roof of the towers was golden. Upon arrival I deliv- ered the gift and after the Califa tasted the water, he exclaimed in amazement: Delicious! It is the best water I have ever tasted! It's certainly a great detail on your part. A reward for your generosity, I will give you a gift. The really grateful Caliph led him to the end of the palace; he drew a wide curtain and showed him a mighty river. Fadel opened his eyes in amaze- ment. He had never seen so much water together. The Caliph told him; by Adrian & Ana Ruiz Pastors of Templo Emanuel you have sacrificed some- thing so valuable to offer it to me. I will deliver a large pitcher full of gold coins. Fadel was really surprised the Caliph was a kind and wise man, since then a beautiful friendship was born between them. Sharing with others not only makes us happy, but God will give us a re- ward. The reward for gen- erosity is gratitude. Thanks to your generous act, you made a person happy and having a generous heart also benefits the genera- tions to come, because in an act of generosity it will never be forgotten. Proverbs 11:25 (NKJV) "The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself." Isaiah 32:8 (NKJV) "But a gener- ous man devises generous things, and by generosity he shall stand. Your Pastors Adrian and Ana Ruiz await you at Templo Emanuel, 280 Polk St American Falls. Trans- lated by Ruth Ramirez. El agua del desierto En un lugar pr6ximo al desierto vivia un joven pastor de nombre Fadel. Era un chico trabajador y bondadoso. Como en la aldea donde vivia, ap- enas llovia, el agua era muy apreciada, ya que era escasa. Asi que Fadel aprovechaba el agua de la lluvia, y aunque fuera poca, la filtraba y guarda- ba. E1 sabor del agua fi'esca de lluvia era deli- cioso. iQue rica esta el'agua! Es tan buena que deberia probarla el Califa. Pens6. Asi que Fadel tom6 la determinaci6n de llevar un cfintaro con agua para que el gran Califa la probara. Para esto tenia que atrave- sar todo el desierto. Asi que un buen dia se dispuso a hacerlo. Tomo un gran cfintaro y se dir- igi6 a Bagdad. Para llegar hasta allfi, tuvo que andar cientos de kil6metros por el desierto, aguantar altisimas temperaturas de dia y g61idas temperaturas de noche. Camino entre las inmensas dunas, tuvo que escabullirse de lobos y hienas que le acechaban a cada instante. Despu6s de varios dias de esfuerzo consigui6 llegar a la gran ciudad del Califa. iQue hermosa es! iMerece la pena el esfuer- zo[ Llego hasta el majes- tuoso palacio de puertas labradas con preciosas pie- &as brillantes, y el tejado de las torres era de oro. A1 llegar le entrego el regalo y despu6s de que E1 Califa prob6 el agua excla- mo asombrado: iDeliciosa! iEs la mejor agua que he probado[ Sin duda es un gran detalle de tu parte. Y en premio a tu generosidad te entregar6 un obsequio. El Califa realmente agradecido, le condujo hasta el extremo del pala- cio, descorri6 una amplia cortina y le mostr6 el curso de un caudaloso rio. Fadel abri6 asombrado sus ojos. Nunca habia visto tanta agua junta. Y le dijo el Califa aqui en Bagdad tenemos abun- dante agua, pero no en tu lejana aldea. Asi que para mi es un gran honor el que hayas sacrificado algo tan valioso para ofrecerlo a mi. Y le entrego un gran cfintaro lleno de monedas de oro. Fadel se quedo sor- prendido realmente el Califa era un hombre bondadoso y sabio y desde entonces, naci6 entre ell0s una hermosa amistad. E1 compartir con los demfis no solo nos hace feliz, sino que Dios nos darfi una recompensa. E1 premio a la generosidad es la gratitud. Gracias a tu acto generoso, hiciste a una persona feliz y tener un coraz6n generoso tam- bi6n beneficia a las genera- ciones venideras, pues en acto de generosidad jamfis serfi olvidado. Proverbios 11:25 E1 alma generosa serfi pros- perada; Y el que saciare, 61 tambi6n serfi saciado. Isaias 32:8 Pero el gen- eroso pensarfi generosi- dades, y por generosidades serfi exaltado. Ti4s Pastores Adridn y Ana Ruiz te esperan en Templo Emanuel, 280 Polk St American Falls. Radu- cida por Ruth Ramirez. When I was about five but she willingly started this day, and my wife and years old, my mother's reading. For one hour aI have sought to instill the health during pregnancy day, I listened and asked same love of reading and required her to take bed questions until we finished inquiry into our children. rest for most of the day. the book a day or two ReadTalkPlay helps us do She chose to fill that time before the baby arrived, the things that build a child by reading to her,children. Looking back, it was dur- into a life-long learner, Each one of us was to ing this period that mycommunicator and interac- choose a "chapter book" love of reading and history tor. from our local library, and was born.That interaction I don't need the end- I chose a four-hundred- started me on an intellectu- less volumes of expert page historical treatise al journey that continues to studies to tell me how about Cortez and the Aztecs. My mother was astonished at my choice, Column by Curry Andrews / critical it is to inferact with our children in a healthy way. I think we all know that doing so is beneficial and important for our chil- dren's development. At the center of this program is the recognition that there is too much dependence on electronic communication, games and entertainment. Our children aren't read- ing books. They text or message each other while sitting in the Same room or vehicle. They play games and watch media rather than get active or exercise. Too much of this is re- markably unhealthy for all aspects of our children's mental, emotional and physical growth. ReadTalkPlay it's a gentle reminder to me and to each of us that our children and grandchildren take priority. Cont'd from page 4 morning to see if I am seeing what she sees when she looks in her mirror. Wouldn't it be great if one morning we got our bathrooms mixed up? I went into her bathroom and looked in her mirror and she went into my ba;h- room and looked in my mirror. I will know when that happens because I will hear some loud screaming coming from my bath, room. When I go to my barber, he always wants me to look at the back of my head in a mirror he pro- vides to see if I like it. I always say to him, "If you like it, I'm okay with it." I never see the back of my head unless I am near a mirror. In the morning, I glance in the mirror to make sure nothing is out of place, and then I go on with my day never thinking about that mirror ever again. If I had to think about what I look like in the mirror all day long I probably would go insane. Of course, I spent all day thinking about my bathroom mirror. I have come to this rather sincere conclusion. My mirror does not lie, but sometimes it giggles. If I was a mirror and had to see a face like mine looking in, I think I would do more than gig- gle. Outward looks are not that important, at least to me. It is not the outside that really is significant, but rather the inside. I think it is rather hypo- critical for some people, and I am not mentioning any names whatsoever, to plaster their face with makeup hiding their real self. Looking at some peo- ple you do not know if you are seeing the real person. I saw someone the other day; I could not tell if it was male or female, but their face was plastered with makeup, they had ear- rings, nose rings and even a ring on their tongue. They had tings all over their face, which made them look like a ding-a- ling. Walking away from that person, I wondered if they had a mirror in their bathroom. If so, I am not sure they looked at it that morning. I could not help what Jesus said to the Pharisees of his dav. "And the Lord said unto him, Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness" (Luke 11:39). I can be so caught up with my outward appear- ance I forget the important part is inside; my soul. The Bible is the mirror I need to see my soul. Dr. James L. Snyder, pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, lives with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage in Ocala, FL. Call him at 352-687- 4240 or e-mail jamessny- der2@att, net. The church web site is www.whatafel- lowship.com. , ill,ili ,i~ Visit The Times online at: www.press-times.com for news, sports, obituaries & more. II .; ):