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December 25, 2019     The Aberdeen Times
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December 25, 2019

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December 25, 2019 . OuttoPastor Where does Santa get his naughty or nice list? by Dr. James L. Snyder This week the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage approached me with a serious question. . ' As far as I am concerned, life is full of questions, but coming from her, Ineed to be very careful. I have found out that a ’ question with her is not merely a question. It can be a whole lot more than that with multiple layers. I am still trying to figure out the dimensions of her questions. If I do not understand her question, my answer is going to get me into trouble. Believe me; I know what trouble is all ' about. I have several cats in the neighborhood that I feed. I am net sure where they come from, but they show up at the back porch for the free treats I put out for them. This has also .attracted possums, raccoons, and foxes that come for the treats I have there for them. Most of them are somewhat antsy and v try to stay out of trouble as much as pos— sible. I can certainly relate to that. Last week my wife purchased a brand- . new rug for the back porch. It was red and looked very nice. Showing it to me, she said, “Make sure you don’t spill anything on this new rug.” I must not have been the only one who heard that. Ever since then, none of my “critters” coming to my back porch has walked on that rug. They all walk around ' itand stare at it as though it is something very special. I understood their dilemma since I have faced that dilemma many times myself. However, the question posed to me by the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage was, “Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year?” _ Hearing that question caused me some trepidation. If anybody knows the differ- ence between naughty and nice, it has to begmy wife. I assume that Good Old Santa gets advice on this from my wife. If I am on his naughty list, then I know who put me there. I I am not sure I can remember any time that I was-on his nice list. There must be a story behind that, I am sure. Precisely, what does it mean to be naughty from Santa’s point of view? For a moment, the temptation danced in my mind to ask my wife about this, but I was sure if I did, she would tell me and tell me more than I actually wanted to know. I tried reflecting over the year to see if \ there Was any indication that I crossed the line somewhere into the naughty area. I . could not think of any, but I am sure I was overlooking something. The thing I try to figure out is, how do I get on hisnice list? Is there mething I can do to get off the naughty ist? I am open toall kinds of suggestions here. It is not that I am worried about being on‘Santa’s naughty list. I can handle that. I simply do not want to be on my wife’s naughty list. That certainly is mygoal in life. I will do anything within reason (if I had any reason) to not only get on her nice list but to stay there. I must confess there are times when I lean toward the naughty. I hope Santa never sees me in that stage of my life. More importantly, I hope my wife never sees me at that stage. ’ Naughty, for me, is doing something behind my Wife’s back. For instance: eat- ing an Apple F ritter is best done behind my wife’s back. If she sees me eating an Apple Fritter, she will remind me that it is not on my diet. When she says, “my diet,” she is refer— ring to her diet imposed upon me. If you look at my diet, it includes Apple Fritters and a whole lot more not onhers. Personally, I do not consider it naughty to eat according to my diet. I do not know of anything nicer than sitting down with a nice hot cup of coffee and a fresh Apple Fritter. Then, it is a lot nicer when I am not caught. As to the question, am Ion Santa’s naughty or nice list, I am not quite sure. All year long, I tried to stay out of the naughty and focus on the nice. I must con- fess it is difficult trying to focus on being nice when naughty comes so much easier. Another consideration is, why should somebody who only Visits once a year know anything about whether I’m naugh- ty or nice? How can their judgment be correct if they do not keep tabs on me all year long? So, to answer my wife’s question, I simply said, “I believe I’m On his nice list this year.” She simply looked at me with one of “those looks” and I knew that her belief and my belief were on different pages. I thought about what I read in the Bible a couple of days ago. Something King Solomon said. “That thou mayest walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous” (Proverbs 2:20). The important thing is not if I’m naughty or nice or if I’m on Santa’s list. The important thing is to surround myself with “good men.” The companions I keep are the ones that will help me walk in the path of righteousness. Dr. James L. Snyder is the pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, PO Box Ocala, FL He lives with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 552-2543 or e-mailjamessnyder2@att. net. His web site is www. jamessnydermin- istries.com. ‘ Visit The Times online at: www.press—times.com for news, sports, obituaries & more. IIIBIIIIIBIIII- Ml rat/MUW/Ifi all CIMI/fil/Ifi lflflflfflffi out 1/: r0 (Ill/Id! yam App/(£5: ' Ella/ll: roll out I'll! pair, all/(i I'll/5 mu Ilill’ PRII'HIIMYDIMYIII Val/[I'DIIIVIIIK TIMI/IO? 203-397-4440 31:. [MI/I no. [Bi/Mill! .Iimetl@dali.nef ' The Aberdeen Times morning I go back to work. TRUMP TS a NATIONAL SECURITY . THREAT and MUST BE IMPEACHED! sat. © 2019 CREATORSCOM WWWIOMSTIGLICHCOM TRY HEATING HIM at THE BALLOT BOX. HOTHEAD. The [flea and the ox Once upon a time there was a very small but very “annoying” flea. She was curious and naughty she spent the day jumping from one place to another, disturbing as many animalsas people. The flea, being still very small made itself notice- able wherever it went, since it pokes and the itching they produced didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. ' One day the flea, who was bored, went to visit the huge ox of a very beautiful farm. The ox was eating and the flea landedon him: Good afternoon, Mr. Ox said the flea. ' Good afternoon flea. Why are you here? The ox asked wondering. I was bored and I came to talk to you. Do you ever get bored? the flea asked. The truth is no, answered the ox. I am working all day from mom- ing to night. Then I rest and the next And why do you work so much? What are you doing? The flea asked. Well, you see in the morning my master takes me to the field. There I plow the earth and I’m making grooves to deposit the wheat seed. Uff. . .that sounds exhausting. The flea responded. On the other hand, I do what I feel like. I have no masters to wake me up, so I go from one place to another freely. I just have to be careful not to fall into the hands of hu- mans. I don’t know why they are always trying to crush by Adrian & Ana Ruiz I Pastors of Templo Emanuel me. I don’t get tired of my work, said the ox. Every day I proudly observe the grooves I made, all so straight and harmonious. When the night falls my master gives me water and the best food. And those same hands that want to crush you, they caress me with sweetness and they tell me in a sweet voice how valuable I am. You know it’s very comforting to know that. The flea then was thoughtful and walked away. with his head down giving little “jumps”. Actually the ox’s job was not so bad. ' In reality every effort has its reward, leisure and fun without measure will lead us to poverty and to be a public burden for the government. Remuneration makes us‘understand that the effort really serves something. Not only pay but it gives us gratitude. In this case the ox was very dear and Valued by his master for his work. While theidle flea was belittled and nowhere was she welcomed. The Bible says: Proverbs 20: (NKJV) “Do not love sleep, lest you come to poverty; open your eyes, and you will be satisfied with bread.” Being productive and hardworking will give us a safe and stable home. Pastors Adrian and Ana Ruiz await you at Templo Emanuel, 280 Polk St, American Falls, ID. Translated by Ruth Ramirez. La pulga y el buey Habia una vez una pulga muy pequefia pero muy “mo- lesta”. Era curiosa, y traviesa, y se pasaba el dia saltando de un lugar a otro, molestando a tantos animales como personas. ' La pulga, siendo aun muy pequefia se hacia notar a 'donde quiera que iba, ya. que sus piquetes y el picor que producian, no pasaban desapercibidos para nadie. Un dia la pulga, que estaba aburrida, fue a visitar al enorme buey de una granja muy hermosa. E1 buey estaba comiendo, y la pulga se poso sobre él: Buenas tardes, sefior buey, dijo la pulga. Buenas tardes, pulga. LCémo ti'i por aqui?. Pregunto extrafiado e1 buey. ’ Me aburria y he venido a hablar contigo. éTu nunca te aburres? Pregunto la pulga. a . La verdad es que no, contesto e1 buey. Yo estoy todo el dia trabajando desde en la mafiana hasta la noche. Luego descanso, y a la mafiana siguiente vuelvo a trabajar. LY por que trabajas tanto? gQué es lo que haces? Con— tinuo la pulga. Bueno, veras por la mafiana mi amo me ‘ lleva a1 campo, ahi aro la tierra. Y voy haciendo surcos, para depositar la semilla de trigo. , Uff. . .eso suena agotador, resoplo la pulga. Yo en cambio, hago lo que me pega la gana, no tengo amos que me despierten, voy de un sitio a otro con libertad, y solo tengo que tener cuidado de de caer en las manos de los por Ruth Ramirez. humanos, que no se porque estan todo el tiempo tratando de aplastarme. A mi no me cansa mi trabajo, dijo el buey. Cada dia observo orgulloso los surcos que hice, todos tan rectos y armoniosos. Cuando cae la noche, mi amo me da agua y la mejor comida. Y esas mismas manos que a ti te 'quieren aplastar, a mi me acarician con dulzura y me dice con dulce voz cuan valioso soy. Y sabes es muy recon- fortante saberlo. La pulga entonces se quedo pensativa y se alejo con la cabeza gacha dando peque pequefios “saltitos” En reali- dad no era tan malo el trabajo del buey. I En realidad todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa, el ocio y la diversion sin medida nos llevara a la pobreza, y a ser una carga publica para el gobiemo. La remuneracion nos hace entender que realmente el esfuerzo sirve para algo. No solo la paga, sino la gratitud. En este caso .el buey era muy querido y valorado por su amo por trabaj ador. Mientras que la pulga ociosa era menospreciada y en ningun lugar era bienvenida. La Biblia dice: Proverbios 20:13 No ames el suefio, para que no empobrezcas; abre tus ojos y te saciaras de pan. Ser productivo y trabajador nos dara un hogar seguro y estable. ' , . T us Pastores Adrian y Ana Ruiz’ te esperan en T emplo Emanuel, 280 Polk St, American Falls, ID. Rraducida EADLINES 'The deadline for submitting to The Aberdeen Times is each Friday at 5 p.m. for the mist Wednesday’s edition. All advertising, classified advertising, press releases, news tips, obituaries, and announcements need to be into The Times office BY 5 RM. on Fridays. to be considered. If there is a holiday on a Monday "Diesday, Wednesday, or a Friday, the ' deadline is Thursday at 5 p.m. We reserve the right to reject any and all contentsubmitted after the deadline. The Aberdeen Times I (208)397-4440 - 31 sf Main St. Aberdeen, Idaho 83210 PO. Box 856 x.