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December 25, 2019     The Aberdeen Times
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December 25, 2019

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Continued‘from page 8 Dear Santa, thes year Santa I have a I wated a cool Stuf and I Wated LOL hous and I Wated a lot uv a LOL and I wated a swempool and a LOL. Love, Yaritza Gomez Dear Santa, . My Christmas List is. I want slime. And LOL boy. A LOL girl. And LOL dog. A LOL cat. A LOL baby boy. And LOL baby girl. Some candy cane. A Ba- bie doll hose. And x box 1 Ds. A omg boy. A omg girl. I want to see you in real life! A robot dog. All sonic stuffys and a baby kitin. a baby dog. These are the thing that I did. I made my bed with out someown tel- ing meto. I helpet my mom do the dishes. And I clend my room with out som- eown asking me. Merry Christmas to‘you Santa. Love, Juliette Burke Dear Santa, Hi Santa i done three stuff i Play with my friends. I have fun with my dad in The chramplen. I had slime put it trne ‘ green it wus yuke. How is Miss Clause. I wiche for a hoveboard. A boll house a gib one Ples Santa. Can i have a iPod 3 Ples it is galxe Ples. Can i have a LOL a big one. can i have a treehouse a big one Ples Sant. Love, Arleen Villa Bra- masco Dear Santa, How is Mis Clos Santa Clos. I biofre paod soon I helpt my brtr play my js 4nt9 and I take tvvt the dog and I‘hept my sis b4 retod PS. and Santa Clos I lke you four the doll and yiepn hug. Wish for a hasamol and Iur wish for tiklit and doll alive Santa I LOVE you Becas you are nic and swap xoxoxoxoxoxoxox I hope you enoy cookies and mok this is your frend Love, Loanna Neibaur Dear Santa, I have to tell you some- thing. I’ve been good this year. and I play with my friands. and I lisen in class and how is Mrs calus do- ing. I have to tell you same- thing for christrnas I wish ‘ for these thing I wish for a rc car and I wish for a hot wells chack. Plese Santa. Love Alex Krehbiel Dear Santa, how are You Santa and Mrs. Claus. I was thankful for the last year gift. I was thankful for the toys. I was thankful the toys and gifts. I was a good kid with my mom and dad. I was a good kid with my little sisstes. I was geod with my COUS- IN. how are your reideer. how are your ELFS. I want Dos ,am bppls amd a O [ipme sevem amd a fortnite doll and a Rondai Shirt and Soccer Shose and a dirtbike and a Roman Hoveboard and a PZ4 V . Love Aylin Moran Dear Santa, This year I ben a good boy. This year I help my mom and i help my dad and I help my family. and I help my fiiends. My chrestmas wishes are a pens and some pencils and some bord game and the new moble game and I hope you enjoy the cookies and my milk you are fun fun fun fun fun fun fun and very fun and I just want to say that I am glad that you made you that iswhy evreebody love you Love Emmett Garcia Dear Santa, I bin very good be- cause i heped my mom wit the dishes and helped my dad with the truck i helped my sister wit the close I 3‘ a k 1 December 25, 2019 lisentening to my techer ths year. How are the randeer can the randeerspfly i will' leave some cookie on the table for you to eat them when you get to my house I would like some toys PoP the Pig Barbie house LOL pey. Love, Yareli Partida Dear Santa, I want a dog man book. Santa I ben CLen at mi huse I ben god I un wite to you and I ben CLene at sio_te and I helP mi mom to clen and I clen mi room and the ihs you for the presens and I want a zombe tote and Santa theing you takin ker uf mi famliy. Love, Darey Rosales Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I have done these Nice thigs. I help my mom take care of my baby sister and I help my dad bake cookeis. I helped my sister clea her room. My Christmas wishes are a yoga mat and a Hover board and colths. I hope you enjoy the cook- ies and milk I made a lot of cookies for. Love Yaretzy Rodriguez Dear Santa, How is ms claus? I have been very good This year!! I have done These 3 nice Things. I’ve been helPing my mom my sister, my dad, and my God and Jesus. my chrismas wishes are a Ring, Ds and a chris- mas Santa neclece. I hoPe Ya enjoy Your cookies and milk. Thank you for the Presents fiom last year!! HoHo!! merry chrismas! !! Love Jenny Bombela Dear Santa, This year ium very good Thank you for the gifts last year. I have done these Nice things I helped my mom clean the house. I have been kind of listen- ing to my teacher this year. I have been helping my friend My Christmas wish- es are a remote car and pop the pig game also albike. I hope you enjoy the cookies and Milk! . Love, Atavia Figueroa Mary George’s third grade class Dear Santa Santa I am 8. How old are you? At my home I am on the computers allot. It is so long. I play with my brother and his cars. I help my brother all of the days. I help my mom and dad. I want a macbook and a 101 doll and and a dell house. Santa you bring use a lot of gifts. Love, Fatima Sanchez Dear Santa Clause, I am nine years old. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. My favorite hobby is basketball and dance. I should be on the nice list because I tried to be kind and helpful to my family, friends, and strangers. And I try to complement a lot and say please and thank you. So this year I would appreciate it if you brought me these things, A watch phone ( like my cousins please ) A canopy A pair of slippers. Thank you for all of the gifts you have given me the past nine years. I am assuming that you and the elves are doing good. Have a holly jolly Christmas this year! Yours Truly, Abigale Wahlen l Dear Santa Claus, Hi I am 8 years old I like to read, play roblox, I like all the colors of the rainbow. I should be in the nice list because I help my mom and dad do almost ev- ery chore they have. I want ' a 1,000 robux card, a barbie doll house~ and one pres- ent for everybody to have a very great Christmas. I hope the elves, Rudolph, and the rest of the deer are not cold at the North Pole. Your friend, Naykary Resendiz Dear Santa, I am 8 years old and I love gymnastics. My favor- ite color is mint. I should be on the nice list because I am nice sometimes causeI help my mom and dad. The gifts I want is LoL dolls, squishies that are food, and a barbie set. I love your clothes, Mrs. Claus, elves, and your reindeers. Love, Krystelle Palacios Dear santa I should be on the nice list. Because I ben nis to my Dad and my Mom. Can I have a real watch please and a charge to plug it in. and a tablet please And a huvrbord. From. ashton hess Dear santa, My name is Alan btw. I like that you give presents to people. Thank you for the presents last year. This year ‘I want a 50 dollar gift card for the nintendo switch, smash bros ultimate for the nintendo switch, and storm pegasus beyblade but make shure it can burst. I should be on the nice list because I clean the living room. Your friend, Alan Gon- zalez Dear Santa, ' I like to play with my two sisters and my brother. My favorit coler is green. I should be on the nice list because I helped my sis- ters and brother not fight and I helped my youngest sister up when she fell. For chrismas I whoud like a toy raindeer I can ride, a .toy bike helment for my dolls, and a toy bike my dolls can ride. My favorit raindeer is comit. From, Jasmine Halverson Dear Santa, I am Rhys Gilbert let me tell you about my self. I am 9 years old, I like to bild lagos, and to snow bord. I shood be .on the nice list because I have bin helping my brother and sister and doing my homework. So .wut I wont for xmas is an exbox 1, lago city Aerport and two ‘radio in camo. Thank you, for leaving me presents this year. ' From, Rhys Gilbert Dear Santa My name is Dayana. I want to tell you about my self. I am 8 years old. I like to play with my sister, her name is Mariana.I think I should be on the good list. I help at home with chores. May I have some of these things Santa? 1. tablet, 2. lol dolls, and three a slime kit. That is all. Love Dayana Escamilla Dear SANTA CLOS, I will like to tell you about my self. I like to make pepule glad and happy. But I hate when I see pepule get hert. I am 8 yers old and I like sweetsy and I ador my perants. I am a twin and her name is Eremy. She is my only sister. Now I know I shud am on the good list becos I be nis to my sister. What I want far crismas . is a big Walksalot. I know som of your secrets. Mery Chrismas to you SANTA— CLOS and to your elfs. LOVE, HAVEN DRISCOLL Dear Santa, I am nine years old. I am an only child at home. 'My favorite thing to do is play with my toys and watch Netflix. I should be on the nice list. At school, I color pictures in art, play nice at recess, and turn in my homework. At home, I do my chOres and pick up my toys and put them away. Here are the things that I want for Christmas: . l. A computer 2. beyblade 3. And a robux card for thee bux From: Aaron De la Vega Dear Santa, I always save money if you don’t give me what I want. I love to be a athletes and a gamer. I want to be in a basketball team. I should be on the nice list because my mom always said, That to read a book for 20 min. ' I read 50 min. I help my dad with the ,chickens and I always try to fix my grade thats spelling but at least the rest'I have is all A want for ,christmas a small tv it has to be HDMI, one Ipod, and thats all. From, Alex Carrillo Dear Santa Clause I am years old. I love spaghetti Do you like spa- ghetti. I love my family so much do you and I like to watch spy ninjas. there sav- ing youtube. I thinkI should be on the nice list my 'dad told use in the morning to do are chores and so I did I had sweep but I aculy did the dishes. My gifts is want I a gift card that has a 100 dollars to use for robucks so my parents don’t have to buy for me cause they need it for something else. I want the newest 101 doll. I want the samsung 10 to use and play robloxs. And I’ll let my brother watch youtube. From, Cassandra Carpena Dear Santa Claus, _ Hi Santa I am.9 years old. My favorite color is green and I like to play video games. I should be on the nice list because I share with people, I am a good sport, and I play'with people. These are the gifts I really want for this Christ- mas l. A train set 2. Lego sets. Santa can you say hi to Mrs. Claus for me? I will - give you, extra cookies and milk. From, Chrysander Cardona Lugo Dear Santa, I am year old. i love playing with im friends. and for Christmas I want a real cat. I suntim play with my brather not all the tims. santa i will- leve your Dear a ceret and cookies for you and i hope you have a nist holu Day and i will have a nist holl Day. Love, Silvana Holman Cassidy Jolley’s third ‘ grade class Dear Santa, I have been helpful to the environment. For Christmas I need snow pants, and soft blanket. I would like Popsies and Di- ary of a wimpy kid books. .Do you have all the toys? Love, Melisa Flores Dear santa, I have been so nice and kind this year. I was kind and nice becus I was helpful to everyone and relly kind. For Christinas I need close and more close. I would like more dubl A datere and xbox l farming simater 19 game. How are Pulling the sleigh Two reindeer are pulling Santa and his sleigh in this yard in Aberdeen. Many houses are decorated to welcome in the holiday season. the raindeer. , by Divani Carrillo Dear Santa Culse I have been well be- haved Becuse I helpt my parents by clining. I rilly need snow boots how are you guys redy for chris- mas? I wold like a LEGO set and a 101 hous and the lols with it. From MELISSA SANTIL- LANA Dear Santa I have been'great this year. I was helpful to my family. for Chistrnass I need a backpack. I whant a [cute puppy and dollhouse. I hope you have a merry Chistmassll Love Martha Amenta Dear santa ' I have been helpful this year i help my sister for a toy for Christmas. i need popses a big i need three big and a barbee and a barbee house. how is yoru raendeers from jackelin larios Dear Santa, I have been enjoyable this year. I was enjoyable because I made everyone at least once laugh. For Christ- mas I need a wolf blanket and a new jacket. It would be lovel for you to get me a whole Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and a lego drag- on.I love you’r reindeer and are they ready? Sincerely, Gael Hernandez Dear santa I have been nice this year. I was because I helped my mom clean the house santa I hope you are hav— ing fim. i would like a soft pelow and pixy bell hope you have fun. Emma Gneiting Dear santa . I was being nice to utheres and my mom and my dad i wass being to my mom and’my dad so i will like legos and polec car and a rober car. Juan Ayala Dear Santa I have been well be haved this year. because I was well be haved because I was kind because I want- ed to be kind. Santa i need money and food. i would like a xbox and a pc please. How is it at the north pole is it good or bad?? Sencierly Ashton Kade ‘ Flores Dear Santa, I was well behaved this year. I was well behaved because I did what my mom said. I need books and toys for Chirstrnas. I would like you to have a nice trip. Love, Emily Escamilla Dear Santa, I have been well be- haved this year. I was well behaved because I. was helpful to clean up the things my mom told me to do. For Christmas I need clothing sides '7/8 and 50 pack of scrunchies. I would like a big big lego set for . girls, and big girl toys. I hope you have a save trip and a worm trip. Love, Briana Cema Dear Santa, Ihave been nice and I’ve done that be cause I 1 want things for Christmas I need boots and a coat I re- .ally want is'a 50$ and 35$ gift card but its supposed to be a one from nintendo switch kind of so what are having to do work. Sencirley mauricio pala- cios Dear Santa, I have been kind this year. I was kind because I helped my mom clean the heuse and to put up the Christmas tree. For Christ- mas I need a hat. I would like a nentendow switch and a blay blay. Santa are you making the toys for the kids in your faberck. Sincerely, Oscar Partida Dear Santa, I have been so fine this year. I was nice because I helped my» mom babysit the kids while she’s gone. For Christmas I need Sweat- ers, socks, and shoes. And I would like the tresure x kings gold set and THE ultra one nerf blaster. Hey santa I hope you have a good Christmas. Sincerely, Emanuuel Ortiz Traci Wahlen’s third grade class Dear Santa, How are you doing? Last year I liked the present that you gave me. This year I would like something dif- ferent. I would like a ps4 with the game spider man. Have a good Christmas. Your Friend, Karim Agui- lar Dear Santa, I want Sonic the Hedgehog. I want a pres- ent with a doll of Sonic the Hedgehog. Santa’s reindeer pull Santa’s sled. Rudolph has a red nose light up so we when we go to sleep and wake up we will have presents. From, Enrique Leon Dear Santa, Are you working really hard? Can you give me a 101 barbie home and a boy doll that is a barbie? Also a swing set for the barbie? From, Mariella Sanchez Dear Santa, Thank you for the 0r- nament you gave me last year. I like it on my tree. How are you? How are your elf’s? This year I would like a samsung watch, and a new pink and purple jeef remote control car, and a locket that has a picture of my family. I hope that you and Mrs. Claus can have a good Christmas this year. Your Friend, Hadlee Hub- bard Dear Santa, How are you? What have you been working on this year? Have you been working hard this year? What kind of toys have you been working on? How do you go around the world so fast? How do you know , . From, Dalanie Hernandez when kids are naughty or. nice? I would like a, xbox, nintendo switch light, and an iphone 11. From Your Friend, Adrian. Carrillo. Dear Santa, How are you thank you very much for the laptop- and for the dolls last year. This year I want the 101 doll house, the kinetic sand, some unicorn scrunches, unicorn shirts, a 101 sur-I prise, and some unicorn , head bands, and omg lol. surprise, and a jacket. Dear Santa . ' How are you to- day? What I really, want, .for Christmas is a Smart phone, a 101 house and a barbie house, and one more important thing. I want my grandma and grandpa be- cause they left for Mexico: i They’re going to come back : in 30 days. I miss them so much. But thank you Santa for everything. i .' From, Lluvia Cornejo. Dear Santa, r Thank you for the baby last year. I really enjoyed it. But this year I want a Bar- bie Camp House. If there- is a second thing I want. the new LoL Dolls anda watch. The last thing I want is a real little puppy that is black and under her My . I Want it to be white. From Your Best Friend, . Angie Rosales Dear Santa, How are' you? ‘You’ve been working so hard; I . want a Beyblade, switch. lite, and a PS4. Merry Christmas. From, Alexander Hurtado ‘ Dear Santa, How are you? I know I was bad last year. And you did not get me everything I‘ wanted last year. This year I want soldier and Lego Batman set and controllers for nintendo switch. That’s all I want. From, Edwin Carrillo Dear santa, .' How are you? you for all of the gifts last year. I like the 101’s that you got me. This year I would like a paint set, one, two, or . even three 101 dolls, and a onesie. And I would like to wish you a happy and fun Christmas. I have always wanted to now how you get: I all around the world in just" a day? I Wish you a merry» Christmas. i : . From Your Friend, Destifiy‘ Jones? Dear Santa, How are you doing? Are you warm? Thanks for the fourwheeler last year. This year I want a- pink and purple basketball, and a lego set. You are nice Santa. Safe travel. Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! From, Emery DriscOll Dear Santa, ‘ How are you? Have you been working hard? Thank you for the laptop last year enjoyed it. This year I want new boots, lols, and an american doll. I hoe Continued on page 10 t mi“